Megabox Cinema Sinchon

Megabox Sinchon Building

The biggest Movie theatres in Korea are Megabox, CGV and Lotte Cinema.
I live in Sinchon(신촌) so I visited Megabox. It is located between Sinchon station and Ewha – women’s university(이대) line 2.
Megabox Sinchon(메가박스 신촌) is on the 5th floor of Sinchon’s Migliore shopping mall. There are 8 screens and the seating is very comfortable.

Cinema price:
* Early morning ticket : 5,000 won
* Children : 6,000 won
* Youth : 7,000 won
* Adults : 8,000 won (9,000 won on Fridays, Weekends and holidays)

Megbox Link- Korean Only

How to get to Megabox Sinchon:
If you use the Gyeongui Line, Megabox is in the same building as Sinchon Station(신촌).
If you use line 2 (green line) get off at either Sinchon Station(신촌) or Ehwa Station(이대) and follow the map below

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