Jangneung Royal Tomb in Gangwon-do Korea

Jangneung Royal Tomb

Jangneung Royal Tomb

Jangneung Royal Tomb is located in Gangwon-do Province. This is the furthest Royal Tomb from the capital, Seoul. At Jangneung lies the body of King Danjong, the 6th King of the Joseon Dynasty and a history hall about King Danjong. King Danjong was only 12 when he became King and just two years later he was overthrown in a coup by Sejong the Great’s second son, King Sejo. King Danjong and his wife were banished from the area and a few years later, in fear of King Danjon returning to regain power, he was murdered. King Dajong’s wife is buried at Sareung Tomb in Gyeonggi-do.

Opening Hours / Admission

March to October: 09:00 am – 18:00
November to February: 09:00 am – 17:00
Open all year round. Last admission is 1 hour before closing.


1, 400 for adults and 1,200 for children.

How to get to Jangneung Royal Tomb in Ganwon-do:

From Seoul: Dong Seoul Express Bus Terminal : departure time 06:10 (operates 20 times a day until 19:00) and drops you off at Yeongwol Bus Terminal.
From Yeongwol Bus Terminal you can get a local bus that runs there every 20 minutes. Get off at Jangneung stop (장릉).

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