Munhwa Ryu Clan Tombs Seoul

Munhwa Ryu Clan Tombs Seoul

Munhwa Ryu Clan Tombs Seoul

The Munhwa Ryu Clan Tombs are located in Ogeum Park in Seoul. The family tombs of Ryu Bokryong, Ryu Inho and Ryu Huirim are located at this site. The Munhwa Ryu Clan were the upper class of society during the  Goryeo and Joseon dynasty and were involved politics. The main tomb at the Munhwa Ryu Clan Family tomb is that of Ryu Huirim. Ryu Huirim was a scholar of Confucianism and Buddhism. He scored highly in state civil service examinations and held a number of Government posts. In 1581 he was sent as an envoy to Ming China was but was refused because they felt his gift was substandard. He was given a new position and follow the King to refugee during the Japanese invasions. After his death he was given the tittle Munyanggun.

Opening Hours / Admission

Open 24 hours a day all year round.



How to get to Munhwa Ryu Clan Tombs:

Take line 3 or 5 to Ogeum station and leave exit 2. The tombs are located in Ogeum Park.

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