Haechi Symbol

On March 25th, 2008, the Seoul Metropolitan Government chose Haechi as the Mascot of Seoul City. They use the Haechi Character on public materials, at festivals and events. I’m sure you have spotted the character somewhere along your travels in Seoul.

Haechi is a mythological character from Chinese and Korean mythology. It resembles a lion but in-fact is a fire eating dog. Many statues can be found at palaces around Seoul. Haechi is said to protect from fires, disasters and represents justice, integrity and good fortune. It has existed as a guardian of Seoul for a long time.

The Seoul Government are trying to get people and tourists to associate Seoul City with Haechi in the hopes that someday it will become one of the world’s best city brands.

You can find many Haechi stores around Seoul now and more are constantly opening up. Next time you go to get a taxi in Seoul take a good luck at the taxi. Seoul Government launched Seoul Haechi Taxi and the Haechi character can be found on the taxi display sign.

Below are some Haechi statues I have found on my travels