Jagalchi Fish Market Busan

jagalchi fish market

Jagalchi Fish Market

Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan is the largest fish market in Korea. The market is located beside Nampo Port which means the fish can be delivered quickly and kept fresh. The market is famous as many elderly woman run the fish stands and have done so since the men were off fighting in the Korean War. A lot of restaurants come here to buy fish from wholesalers and even for the tourists visiting the markets, the prices are considerably cheaper than the supermarkets.

The market is very colourful and vibrant. As you walk around the market you will be amazed at all the different kinds of fish available. Most of the market is is indoor in a huge building and there are also fish stands outside in the surrounding area. There are many fish restaurants were you can taste various fish and even raw and live fish. If you purchase fish at the market you can visit one of the many shops there that cut and wrap your fish for you. They even have restaurants there where you bring your own fish and they will cook it for you.

Opening Hours:

The market is open from 05:00 am – 22:00 pm everyday. Some shop hours may vary.

The market is closed on the last Tuesday of every month.

How to get to Jagalchi Fish Market:

Take line 1 to Jagalchi station and leave exit 10. Head straight and take the second right. Continue to head straight until you come to the fish market. The fish market is located along the pier.

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