Converse Event

Converse Event Sinchon

Converse Promotional Event outside U-Plex Department Store in Sinchon, Seoul.

There seems to be a few of these Converse promotional events around Seoul. Not owning a pair or having any interest in Converse, I have no idea what’s going on. There were a few signs that said Free Print so I’m guessing you can get some designs printed onto your Converse!

There was a big Converse truck at the event that said “Converse Moving Custom Studio”. In here it seems like they are selling Converse shoes and doing the printing. Outside the truck there was a guy with a Converse shoe on his head trying to get the attention of people passing by and 15 girls wearing Converse sneakers and T-shirts. It didn’t take long before a huge crowd gathers, mostly men. If you were wearing Converse shoes you could get your photo taken with the girls and get the “free print”.

If you know what’s going on or where there are more of these events, leave a comment below.