Busan Modern History Museum

Busan Modern History Museum

Busan Modern History Museum

Busan Modern History Museum is housed in a building that was once used as Oriental Development Company office by Imperial Japan during the Korean occupation. The Oriental Development Company’s job was to help colonize Korea and bring over Japanese farmers to Korea. The building was converted into a museum so that the painful history is never forgotten.

Busan Modern History Museum covers the story of Busan City from the 19th century. There are five exhibitions located at the museum. The exhibitions are:

1. Busan After 1876 Opening of Port – After the opening of the Korean Kingdom many Japanese merchants began coming to Busan port to trade and develop Busan which could be used later for their occupation.

2. Exploitation of Busan by Japan – How the Japanese Imperial Army took over, controlled and exploited Busan.

3. Busan A Modern City – The transformation of Busan City.

4. The Oriental Development Company – How the Japanese took control of Busan and paved the way for the control of Korea and most of Asia.

5. Korea – U.S. relationship – The relationship between Korea and the U.S. after the Korean War.

Opening Hours / Admission:

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 09:00 am to 18:00 pm.
Closed on Mondays and January 1st. If Monday is a national holiday the museum will open but close on the following day.


Admission is free to all

How to get to the Busan Modern Museum of History:

Take line 1 to Jungang-dong station and leave exit 5. Head straight and the Museum will be on your left after Korea Bank.

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