Mokdong Stadium Seoul

Mokdong Stadium Seoul

Mokdong Stadium Seoul

Mokdong Sports Stadium was opened in 1987. It’s main purpose was as a baseball stadium. It is one of the smaller baseball stadiums in Seoul that was built during the sports boom in the late 80’s around the time of the Seoul Olympics. Mokdong stadium is still in use today with around 16,000 seats and also boasts other facilities such as a high class ice skating rink, a gym, a plaza and even a shooting range. The shooting range has real bullets and fake ones for children. The ice skating rink is usually open to visitors to enjoy skating however when an event or competition is on it is closed.

Opening Hours / Admission

Mokdong Stadium is only open when a baseball game or event is on.
Mokdong Ice Skating Rink is open from Mon – Sat: 14:00pm – 18:00 pm, Sun / Holidays: 12:00pm – 18:00pm and vacation term: 10:00am – 18:00pm. For more information visit the official site.
Mokdong Shooting Range is open from Mon – Fri: 14:00 pm – 18:30 pm and on the weekends: 10:00 am – 18:30 pm.


Baseball tickets price from 4,000 won upwards. Tickets can be bought on the day at the stadium.
Ice Skating Rink is 3,500 won for adults to use the ice skating rink. Skate rental is 1,500 per hour. For prices to events, check the official site above.
Mokdong Shooting Range prices varies a lot depending on the gun but average is about 4,000 won for 10 bullets.

 How to get to Mokdong Stadium:

Take line 5 to Omokgyo station and leave exit 2. Follow the map below.

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