Yongma Waterfall Park Seoul

Yongma Waterfall Park Seoul

Yongma Waterfall Park Seoul

The Yongma Waterfall Park is located in Jangnang, Seoul. The park boasts the tallest artificial waterfall in Asia. The Yongma Waterfall is 51.4 metres in height with two waterfalls either side. To the left is the Blue Dragon Waterfall that stands at 21.4 metres and to the right is the White Horse Waterfall which stands at 212 metres. The water from the water falls lands in a big pond at the bottom. The main feature of Yongma ParkĀ  is without a doubt the waterfalls however there are other things to enjoy. For sports enthusiasts there are some tennis courts and a football field. For people who like to relax there plenty of benches, pavilions and open green areas. Many people like to visit Yongma Waterfall Park before they start their ascent of Yongma Mountain which is located right beside the park and offers great views of Seoul city and other interesting things along the climb.

Opening Hours / Admission

The park is open 24 hours a day all year round. The waterfall is sometimes turned off for repair.



How to get to Yongma Waterfall Park Seoul:

Take line line 7 to Yongmasan station and leave exit 1. Follow the map below.

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