Gukje Market Busan

Gukeje Market Busan

Gukeje Market Busan

Gukje Market is located in Busan near Jagalchi station, line 2. The market is quite big and is comparable to Namdaemun Market in Seoul. You really can find anything you need at this market. The market offers many goods from electronic items, home appliances, clothing, fish, fruit and vegetables. Gukje Market is very popular with Koreans and foreigners and is the place where many people come to pick up some bargains.

Gukje Market is situated beside the heart of movies in Korea BIFF Square. There are also other markets around Gukje Market. Gukje Market leads to Bupyeong Market which then leads to Kkangtong Market. Each market has something unique to offer. Gukje Market is located near Yongdusan Park and you see some great views of Busan Tower at night.

Opening Hours:

The market usually opens early in the morning until late evening. Each shop sets their own hours.
The market is closed on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month.

How to get to Gukje Market:

Take line 2 to Jagalchi station, leave exit 7 and follow the map below.
Alternatively, take line 2 to Nampo-Dong station and leave exit 1. Follow the map below.

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