English Names in Korean

English Names in Korean

Want to know your name in Korean? Below are some common English names in Korean (Hangul). If your name is not on the list don’t worry. Like us on facebook or follow us on Twitter and we will translate your name in Korean.  When you have liked us or followed us leave a post and we will translate your name. You may also leave a comment below after liking us or following us on facebook or twitter. Our facebook and twitter links are in the top right hand corner of the page.

Aaron – 아론
Alexander – 알렉산더
Bob – 보브
Brian – 브라이언
Chris – 크리스
Daniel – 다니엘
Danny – 데니
David – 다비드
Gary – 개리
John – 존
Keith – 키스
Matthew – 매트
Michael – 마이클
Paddy – 파디
Pat – 팻
Paul – 폴
Philip – 필립
Steven – 스티븐
Will – 윌

Anna – 안나
Emily – 애밀리
Jessica – 제시카
Kate – 케이트
Karen – 카렌
Kim – 김
Lisa – 리사
Mary – 매리
Michelle – 미셸
Sarah – 사라

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