Sugyeongwon Tomb at Seooreung Tombs

Sugyeongwon Tomb

Sugyeongwom Tomb located at Seooreung Tombs is a Won type tomb. Won means it was built to hold the Crown Prince / Princess or the King’s parents. Sugyeongwon Tomb holds the body of the royal concubine Lady Yeongbin Yi. She was the concubine of the 21st monarch of the Joseon Dynasty, King Yeongjo. Lady Yeongbin Yi was born in 1696 and passed away in 1764. She bore 4 children for King Yeongjo. Three daughters and one son who later became the Crown Prince Sado.

The tomb of Lady Yeongbin Yi was originally located in Yonsei University in Sinchon, Seoul. The tomb was moved to it’s current location in June, 1968.

The tomb is very basic and has no worship road or shrine. Also the tomb is not located on a hill top like other tombs.

Opening Hours / Admission:

March to October: 6am ~ 6:30pm
November to February: 6:30am ~ 4:30pm
Tickets stop going on sale 1 hour before closing time.
Closed on Mondays.


1,000 won for adults (19 to 64)
500 won for youth (7 to 18)

How to get to Sugyeongwom tomb at Seooreung Royal Tombs:

Take line 3 to Nokbeon Station and leave exit 4. Walk straight for about 100 metres and there will be two bus stops on your left. Get on bus 9701 (Red) or Bus 702A (Blue, make sure its is A). Get off at Seooreung Entrance(서오릉입구).
You can also get bus 9701 (Red) from Gusan station line 6 exit 1.
When you get off at the bus stop take the first right and head straight. You will then see the Seooreung Tomb Entrance.

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