Bosingak Bell Tower

Bosingak Bell Tower

Bosingak Bell Tower was used during the Joseon Dynasty. The purpose of the bell tower was to notify the people of the opening and closing of the city gates and in case of emergencies. In the morning at 4:00am the bell rang 33 times which symbolized the 33 cheon (Heaven) of Buddhism. In the evening at 7:00pm the bell rang 28 times which symbolized the 28 su (location of stars) of the constellation. The bell is no longer used except at midnight, New Year’s Eve when it is rung 33 times. Because of the massive number of people who attend this ceremony, line 1 of the Subway does not stop at Jonggak Station on New Year’s Eve.

Bonsingak Bell Tower was built in 1396 but destroyed numerous times of the years from fires, Japanese occupation and the Korean war. The bell melted due to fire in 1455 and was rebuilt in 1468. The bell which still survives to this day was put on display in the National Museum to preserve it. The current bell in Bosingak Tower was made and installed in 1985 by the Seoul Municipal Government.

How to get to Bonsingak Bell Tower:
Take line 1 to Jonggak station and leave exit 4 and it will be right in front of you.

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