Yangnyeongsi Market Seoul

Entrance Gate at Yangnyeongsi Market Seoul

Entrance Gate at Yangnyeongsi Market Seoul

Yangnyeong Market Seoul is a herbal medicine district located west of Dongdaemun station at Jegi-dong station. Yangnyeong Market is located in the Jegi area where Bojewon was located. Bojewon was a medical institution area set up 600 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty by the King’s command. Bojewon was a place where people could get medicine, advice and treatment. In the 1960’s the Seoul Government wished to set up a herbal market area like other cities in Korea. The area near the original Beojewon seemed like a perfect fit and since then has developed into the biggest Herbal Medicine Market in Korea with over 1,000 medicine related businesses in the area.

Walking around this market area can be very interesting. The first thing people notice is the unique smells of each shop. Many of the herbal medicines come from plants and flowers with beautiful fragrances. They not only sell Korean Herbal Medicine but also Chinese and other modern medicines. If you have a small problem that won’t go away with conventional medicine, Yangnyeongsi Market is the place to visit. The shopkeepers have seen a lot over the years and have herbal medicine that can take care of many problems. In the shops you will notice hundreds of jars or boxes with herbal medicines. The herbal medicine is made up of many interesting ingredients. Just even trying to guess what some of the medicines are can be fun. Why not visit the Herbal Medicine Museum while you’re in the district.

Opening Hours

A lot of the shops are open from 09:00 – 19:00 and closed on Sundays and Holidays.

How to get to Yangnyeonsi Market Seoul:

Take line 1 to Jegi-dong station and leave exit 2. Walk straight for about 40 metres and you will see a big traditional Korean gate on the left. This is the Entrance for the market area.

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