Herb Medicine Museum Seoul

Herbal Medicine Museum located in Seoul

Herbal Medicine Museum located in Seoul

Yangnyeong Herb Medicine Museum in Seoul was established in 2006. It is conveniently located across the street from the Yangnyeongsi Herbal Market. The museum is broken up into different sections about herbal medicine in Korea and the role it played over the years. Some of the sections are the History and Culture of Korean Herbal Medicine which includes Bojewon (First Korean Medical Institution), Korean Oriental Medicine and the Human Body, Medicinal Herb Village Story, A Prescription for Harmony, Korean Oriental Medicine Experience Corner for Children and The History and Traditions of Seoul Yangnyeongsi.

Throughout the museum you can find interesting things to do or see. You can learn about Bojewon which was the first medical institute in Korea around 600 years ago. You can learn and try to grind your own herbal medicine and wrap it. There is so much to learn from this museum. Why not visit the museum and then the Yangnyeongsi Market across the street. It will give you a better understanding of herbal medicine and what are in all those jars at the market.

All the signs in the museum are in English and Korea.

Opening Hours / Admission

March to October: 10:00 am ~ 18:00 pm
February to November: 10:00 am ~ 17:00 pm
Closed on Mondays, New Year’s Day, Seollal and Chuseok.


Free to all

How to get to Herb Medicine Museum Seoul:

Take line 1 to Jegi-dong station and leave exit 3. Head straight until the crossroads. There will be a big building on your right and a small entrance like a subway entrance on your right to the museum. The museum is located in the basement.

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