D4 Student Visa

Ok.  Many people have been asking about the D4 Student Visa on the internet. Here is how I got mine in Tokyo, Japan.

First of all, I found a university language program in Seoul. Sogang University seemed like the best option for me. I contacted the school and paid 3 months tuition (1,575,000WON). About 3 days later I received a receipt and certificate of Admission by express mail.

The following day I went to the Korean Embassy in Tokyo. The requirements for the D4 Visa are as follows,

Your passport

2 Photos

Admission Certificate from the school

Bank statement with 3,000,000won (or equivalent in any currency) or a guarantee letter from someone you know in Korea.

5,000yen for the visa processing fee

NOW, here is what I did.  I arrived at the embassy filled out all the forms gave them my passport, pictures, admission certificate and that’s all.  I didn’t give them a bank statement or guarantee letter from someone in Korea.  I asked the staff if that was OK and they said “maybe, come back in 3 days” and then gave me a receipt.

3 days later I went back and had a shiny new Korean D4 Visa for 90 days in my passport.

D4 Student Visa korea


Once you arrive in Korea and pay for the next semester at school, you can renew your D4 Visa.

After you have studied for 6months or more you can apply to work part-time with your D4 Visa.

Hope this helps someone out there. If you have any questions please leave a comment.