Lee Yun-Tak Monument Hangul Stele

Lee Yuntak Monument Hangul

Lee Yuntak Monument Hangul

The Lee Yun-Tak Hangeul Monument in Nowon, Seoul is the oldest monument (stele) in Korea with Hangul carved on it and dates to 1536. The monument is a warning in front of the grave of Yi Yun-Tak and his wife. The monument was put there by his son, Yi Mungeon as a warning for people not to damage the grave. The waning message said “This is the Numinous Stele. Anyone who brings it down will be ill-fated. I notify of this to those who do not understand Chinese”. The warning message is written in Chinese and Hangul. Yi Yun-Tak was a high ranking official.

The stone monument was moved a few meters in 1998 to make way for the widening of the road. The road in front of the monument area is called “Hangul Inscription Road”.

Opening Hours / Admission

Open 24 hours all year round.



How to get to the Lee Yuntak monument:

Take line 4 to Sanggye station, leave exit 4 and follow the map below.

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