Busan Museum

Busan Museum

Busan Museum

Busan museum first opened on July the 7th 1978. The museum was then rebuilt, renovated, expanded and modernized in 2002. Busan museum offers great insight into the long history of Busan and surrounding areas. The museum is broken up into many different sections which are exhibited throughout 3 floors.

1. Exhibition Hall 1: This hall covers the history of Busan going back 20,000 years up until the end of the Joseon Dynasty. This hall is divided into different sections covering a time in Korea such as neolithic period,  the Three Kingdoms period, the Silla period, Baekje Kingdom / Goryeo period and the Joseon Dynasty.

2. Exhibition Hall 2: This hall goes into detail about the Japan – Korea relationship and over the past 600 years while also focusing on Busan’s modern history including the Korean War.

3. Kiln Exhibition Hall: This hall shows us the process in which earthenware-Kiln and Tile-Kiln were produced in Korea during the Silla and Joseon era. Visitors can view and touch the final product.

4. Outdoor Exhibition: In front of the museum there are various stone sculptures lining either side of the path that leads towards the museum.

5. Donation centre: This section in the museum is only possible due to the generous donations received by people. All of the donated artifacts are displayed with the donor’s names also displayed to show gratitude for their generosity.

6. Culture Experience Room: This room is very exciting for children as they can put together artifacts like a jigsaw. They can also print stamps onto paper.

There are also other sections in the museum which include a special exhibition hall. Here every year different exhibitions are held to showcase different cultures and regions in Korea.

Opening Hours / Admission:

The museum is open Tuesday – Sunday from 09:00 am – 20:00 pm. Closed on Monday’s and New Year’s Day. Open on Monday if a national holiday and then closed the following day. Last admission is 1 hour before closing.


Free to all.

How to get to Busan Museum:

Take line 2 to Daeyeon Station and leave exit 1. Take the first right and head straight for about 10 minutes. You will come to Busan Museum beside the UN Memorial Park.

Bus: Get bus No 134 from Busan Station. Get off at the Busan Museum Stop.

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