Shinpo Market Incheon

Dongincheon Shinpo Market

Dongincheon, Shinpo Market

Shinpo Market is located in Incheon and is an old market that dates back to the 1890’s. Incheon port was one of the ports that was first forcefully opened up to foreigners for trade in the late 19th century by the Japanese. The opening of the ports brought a lot of trade / visitors and the local merchants set up stalls to sell goods to foreigners, mainly the Japanese, Chinese and Westerners. The market was only officially registered as a market in 1970. Nowadays, Incheon is still a leading transportation hub with ports and Incheon International Airport.

The market has developed over the years and now sells all different kinds of items. There are also a few Russian and Filipino stores to cater for the high influx of Russian and Filipino sailors who visit the market. Foreigners and locals still enjoy visiting Shinpo Market to pick up items and try the local speciality foods.

Opening Hours:

Open from 09:00 am – 23:00 pm. Depends on the store.
Closed every second Sunday of the month.

How to get to Shinpo Market Incheon:

Take line 1 to Dongincheon station and leave exit 2. Head straight and follow the map below.

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