Sejong University Museum Seoul

Sejong University Museum Seoul

Sejong University Museum Seoul

The Sejong University Museum opened on May 5th, 1973 in Gwangjin, Seoul. In 1977 the building was expanded to a 5 floor building. In 1979 the university changed it’s name to the Sejong University and the museum became the Sejong Museum. The Sejong University Museum participates in excavations and archaeological research. The shape and design of the building is that of one of the old traditional gates that were used to let people in and out of the city.The Sejong museum holds over 5,000 artifacts over 4 floors.

2nd Floor: The Folklore Gallery shows what housing was like for Koreans over the years.
3rd Floor: Clothing Gallery: Here you get to see some very nice royal robes worn by the royal family, military attire, scholars attire, commoners clothing and much more that were worn during the Joseon Dynasty.
4th Floor: Small Woodwork Gallery: This floor displays some items made from wood that would have been used in everyday life in Korea.
5th Floor: Large Size Woodwork Gallery: This floor displays larger household items made from wood such as wardrobes and dressers.

 Opening Hours / Admission

10:00 am – 15:00 pm Monday To Fridays.



How to get to the Sejong University Museum Seoul:

Take line 7 to Children’s Grand Park station and leave exit 6. The museum is on the university campus grounds.

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