Garak Market Seoul Korea

Garak Market Seoul Korea

Garak Market in Seoul opened in 1985. Garak Market is a large wholesale food market (543,451 m2) that is open to the public. The prices at Garak Market are considerably cheaper than supermarkets and the more you buy the cheaper they get. Garak Market is located just outside Garak Market station in … [Read more...]

Noryangjin Fish Market Seoul

Noryangjin Fish Market Seoul

Noryangjin Fish Market is located in Seoul near to Noryangjin station, south of the Hangang River. Noryangjin is one of the largest Fish markets in Korea and is open 24 hours a day all year round. The market is easy to access as it is connected to Noryangjin station. In the early hours of the … [Read more...]

Coex Shopping Mall Seoul

Coex Shopping Mall Seoul

Coex Mall in Seoul is the largest underground shopping mall in Asia. Coex Mall is located in downtown Seoul in the Gangnam area. There are over 250 stores located in Coex Mall with many famous brand stores. There are all different types of stores located in Coex Mall such as clothes stores, cosmetic … [Read more...]

Shinpo Market Incheon

Dongincheon Shinpo Market

Shinpo Market is located in Incheon and is an old market that dates back to the 1890's. Incheon port was one of the ports that was first forcefully opened up to foreigners for trade in the late 19th century by the Japanese. The opening of the ports brought a lot of trade / visitors and the local … [Read more...]

Sorae Pogu Fish Market in Incheon

Sorae Pogu Fish Market in Incheon

Sorae Pogu Market in Incheon is located at Sorae port. The area was originally a small fishing village but it quickly expanded with the development of the nations largest salt field in the 1930's and the opening of the Incheon - Suwon railroad. The market still has the feel of an old fishing village … [Read more...]

Markets in Busan

In Busan there are a whole range of unique markets to visit. The markets have been running for hundreds of years and Busan being a port city attracted a lot of foreign buyers. The markets expanded greatly during the Korean War as Busan was one of the few cities that was not invaded or destroyed. … [Read more...]

Gukje Market Busan

Gukeje Market Busan

Gukje Market is located in Busan near Jagalchi station, line 2. The market is quite big and is comparable to Namdaemun Market in Seoul. You really can find anything you need at this market. The market offers many goods from electronic items, home appliances, clothing, fish, fruit and vegetables. … [Read more...]

Haeundae Market Busan

Haeundae Market in Busan

Haeundae market is a local market located near Haeundae Beach and station. The market which is located near to the sea has a variety of fish on sale alongside meat, fruit, clothes and many other things. The market is popular with people who go to Haeundae Beach. It can feel quite refreshing to walk … [Read more...]

Jagalchi Fish Market Busan

jagalchi fish market

Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan is the largest fish market in Korea. The market is located beside Nampo Port which means the fish can be delivered quickly and kept fresh. The market is famous as many elderly woman run the fish stands and have done so since the men were off fighting in the Korean War. … [Read more...]

Markets in Seoul

You can find just about anything at markets in Seoul. There are tons of markets to choose from with each specializing in a certain area while offering all the usual products that you expect to find at a market. The prices at markets are cheaper than supermarkets and shopping centres and if your … [Read more...]