Garak Market Seoul Korea

Garak Market Seoul Korea

Garak Market Seoul Korea

Garak Market in Seoul opened in 1985. Garak Market is a large wholesale food market (543,451 m2) that is open to the public. The prices at Garak Market are considerably cheaper than supermarkets and the more you buy the cheaper they get. Garak Market is located just outside Garak Market station in huge warehouses. The warehouses are divided into different sections such as live stock,vegetables, fish, dried fish, fruits etc. At night auctions are held and many restaurants owners come here to inspect and buy food to cook up and serve at their restaurants. This is a good time to visit but it can get quite hectic with all the trucks coming and going and people running around. On average there are about 130,000 people who visit Garak Market everyday. If you just wish to browse or buy some cheap food for use at home you should come in the afternoon and bring friends if possible. If you buy together you can get good discounts.

For more information, visit the official Garak Market Website.

Opening Hours:

The market is open 24 hours a day.

How to get to Garak Market Seoul:

Take line 3 or 8 to Garak Market station and leave exit 8. You will see and smell the market in front of you.

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