Yongsan Park Seoul

Yongsan Park Seoul

Yongsan Park Seoul

Yongsan Park opened in 1992 but it’s history is much longer than that. The park was used as a Japanese base during the Imjin War (1592-1598) and then as an American Military compound after the Korean War until 1992. The park was reduced in size to accommodate the National Museum of Korea in 2005. Yongsan Park has a lot of wide open spaces with a 4 km walking trail and plenty of trees and nature. In the park there is also a large pond and a sculpture park. The sculpture park contains sculptures made by artists from all around the world. If it is a nice day out, why not try the barefoot path. This path was designed to relieve pressure and stress from your body through acupuncture on your feet as you walk along the path. Before the path their will be details on how the path works.

Yongsan Park is excellent to relax in after a visit to the National Museum of Korea which is located on the same grounds.

Opening Hours / Admission

The park is open all year round 24 hours a day.



How to get to Yongsan Park:

Take line 4 to Ichon station, leave exit 2 and head straight. The museum and park will be on your left.

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