Hyoreung Tomb

UNESCO sign at Hyoreung Tomb

Hyoreung tomb is located nearby to Seosamneung site. Seosamneung tomb area is split up into 3 areas. Hyoreung tomb holds the bodies of King Injong and Queen Inseong. King Injong was born in 1515 and died in 1545. His mother, Queen Janggyeong who is also buried near by died after giving birth to him. Queen Inseong was born in 1514 and died in 1577.

King Injong was the eldest son of King Jungjong. He ascended to the throne in 1544 following his father’s death. King Injong was the shortest ruling King of the Joseon Dynasty. After his father’s death he neglected his own health and died after only 9 months on the throne.

Opening Hours / Admission:

March to October: 9am ~ 6:30pm
November to February: 9am ~ 5:30pm
Tickets stop going on sale 1 hour before closing time.
Closed on Mondays.


1,000 won for adults (19 to 64)
500 won for youth (7 to 18)

How to get to Hyoreung Tomb:

Take line 3 to Samsong Station and leave exit 5. Take bus number 41 and get off at Seosamneung Entrance (서삼릉입구). Walk straight for 5 minutes and you will see the ticket area.

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