Beacon Mound Mt. Ansan Seoul

Beacon Mound similar to Mt. Ansan Beacon Seoul

Beacon Mound similar to Mt. Ansan Beacon Seoul

The Beacon Mound is located at the top of Mt. Ansan in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul near to Yonsei University. The Beacon Mound looks like a small stone hut and were used to signal an enemy attack using a smoke signal during the day and fire at nights. Korea has lots of mountainous areas and viewing far in the distance is blocked by the mountains so the Beacon System was set up. Across Seoul on other mountain peaks such as Mt. Namsan they also have Beacon system in place. There are hundreds of Beacon Mounds located all across different mountainous areas of Korea.

There are five stages of signals.

1. One smoke Signal was made everyday to make sure everything was in order.
2. Two signals means the enemy have been sighted in the distance.
3. Three signals means the enemy is marching close the city borders.
4. Four signals is means preparation for war
5. Declaration of War.

The system was used during the Joseon Dynasty but they were destroyed during the Imjin War when the Japanese invaded Korea. When Korea regained Seoul they continued to use the Beacon Mound system and also used a new system in which men on horseback delivered messages.

The Beacon Mound at Mt. Ansan and the walk hike there is quite enjoyable. There are a few interesting things to see along the way, stunning views of Seoul City from the top and popular attractions such as the Natural History Museum, Yonsei University and Seodaemun Prison and Independence Park all located nearby.

How to get to Beacon Mound Mt. Ansan Seoul:

You can start your journey to the top by heading through the main gate of Yonsei University and then out the back gate and follow the trail.
Alternatively, take line 3 to Muakjae Station and follow the map below.

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