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Korean Holidays That You Need to Know

Public holidays in South Korea are based on the Gregorian as well as the lunar calendar. The two most important South Korean holidays are the Lunar New Year’s Day and the Korean Thanksgiving Day. Families usually celebrate these South Korea holidays together. Government offices and banks are closed on official holidays, but most museums, restaurants and shops are open. New … Continue Reading

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cass lemon beer korea

Cass Lemon Beer Korea

Cass Lemon beer Korea is produced by O.B. Brewery. Originally Cass Brewery produced Cass but they were bought out in 1999 by O.B. Brwery. Cass Lemon is made from … Continue Reading


Sinchon at Night

Things to do in Seoul

There are plenty of things to do in Seoul. Seoul is one of the biggest cities in the world and if you are exploring the city you will always find things to do in Seoul. Seoul city has a long and interesting history but what many people notice when they arrive … Continue Reading...

Cheonggwonsa Shrine and Tomb Seoul

Cheonggwonsa Shrine and Tomb Seoul

Cheonggwonsa Shrine in Seoul is located right beside Bangbae station on line 2. Cheonggwonsa Shrine was built below the tombs of Prince Hyoryong (1396-1486) and his wife, Princess Jeong (1394-1470). Cheonggwonsa Shrine was built in 1736. Prince Hyoryong was … Continue Reading...

National Cemetery Seoul Korea

National Cemetery Seoul Korea

The National Cemetery in Seoul was established in 1955 and at the time was the only national cemetery. The National Cemetery in Seoul holds the bodies of over 160,000 Korean soldiers, Independence fighters,  police officers, Korean president's and many notable … Continue Reading...