Yangjae Citizen’s Forest Seoul

Yangjae Citizen's Forest Seoul

Yangjae Citizen's Forest Seoul

Yangjae Citizen’s Park was created in 1986 in anticipation of the 1986 Asians Games and the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. The park is located in southern Seoul just on the border between Seoul and Gyeonggi-do. Yangjae park is a urban forest where the Citizens can come to rest and relax. The park is made up of over 70 different species of trees scattered around the park. Many people like visiting Yangjae Forest for the acupuncture path. You must take off your shoes and socks and walk down the path that was designed to work on different acupuncture spots on your feet. When you come to the end of the path you can wash you feet in the man made stream while relaxing.

For the sports enthusiasts, Yangjae Citizen’s Park has a lot to offer like most other parks in Seoul. There is a roller skating rink, basketball courts, tennis courts, a 4.8 Kilometer walking trail and outdoor exercise equipment. For people who are interested in history Yangjae Park has a lot of memorials and sculptures. They even have a museum dedicated to Yun Bong-gil a Korean activist who fought and died against the Japanese Colonists. In the museum you can learn about his life and  the Korean Independence Movement. Around the park there are sculptures that are dedicated to the Korean flight 007 that was shot down by the Soviet Union in 1983 causing the deaths of 269 people and the Sampoong Department Store collapse in 1995 that killed 501 people.

Yangjae Citizen’s Park really has a lot to offer to people of all interests and a visit is highly recommended.

Opening Hours / Admission:

The park is open 24 hours a day all year. The Yun Bung-gil memorial museum is open from 10 am to 17:30 pm April to October and 10 am – 16:30 pm November to March.


The park and Yun Bung Memorial are free to all.

How to get to Yangjae Citizen’s Park / Forest Seoul:

Take line 3 to Yangjae station and leave exit 7. You can walk straight for 15 minutes until you get to the park or take bus Seocho Bus 08, 8201, M6405, 3200, or Seocho 20 and get off at Citizen’s Forest bus stop.

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