Fire In Sinchon

Fire In Sinchon, Seoul.

I was awoken at at 1:40 am today by the sound of many sirens. This is common when living in Sinchon but they were particularly loud today and close. I headed outside to see what was going on and there were many people gathering around. It turns out a fire broke out in one of the buildings. I headed closer through all the fire trucks and people and noticed it was the Occult 2 bar. There was a lot of smoke but I couldn’t see the fire. The fire men were quick to put out the fire and it seems no one was injured.

I wonder what is going to happen to the Occult 2 bar? The fire trucks are still outside as I write this. I will have a look tomorrow and see what damage was done. Hopefully the damage was minor and things can return to normal.

UPDATE: Minor damage. A small fire with a lot of smoke. Occult 2 Bar is open again.

Location of the fire:

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